Hardcover: 208 pages

Publisher: Wiley

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0470531924

ISBN-13: 978-0470531921

Accountability is not a consequence. Accountability is your competitive advantage.

Some people achieve extraordinary things in life; others do not. The difference between the two groups lies in accountability.

True story: Early in the Minnesota Twins 2009 exhibition season, Twins manager Ron Gardenhire discovered a note on his desk from Justin Morneau, his star first baseman. It read: “Gardy: I forgot to run sprints after the workouts yesterday; I am fining myself.” Next to the note was a hundred-dollar bill.

Was Justin Morneau accountable because he was a superstar, or was he a superstar because he was accountable?

No More Excuses is a way of looking at the world—a standard to which we hold ourselves and others accountable. It’s a strategy for life and work that attracts others to us, because accountability is a universal trait of admired people.

Sam Silverstein

SAM SILVERSTEIN is an internationally acclaimed expert on leadership, accountability, and organizational growth. A past President of the National Speakers Association, his client list includes such organizations as AFLAC, Lucent Technologies, the National Association of Home Builders, Prudential Insurance Company, and the United States Postal Service.

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Accept Accountability

Many professionals avoid accepting personal accountability for failures while readily accepting credit for successes. But those who achieve truly great things in life know that true accountability makes all the difference between success and failure—on both a personal and organizational level. Based on interviews with over fifty successful masters of the art of accountability—including academics, Fortune 500 CEOs, and Hall of Fame athletes—No More Excuses identifies the five accountabilities that all truly successful people and organizations share. These principles and traits are the common currency of successful individuals and businesses across virtually every industry and culture.

The five accountabilities that Sam shares will be key in making your organization successful. -Howard Putnam,Former CEO Southwest Airline, and author of The Winds of Turbulence

Improve Performance

When organizations embrace accountability at all levels, performances improve and competitive advantages emerge. When you willingly accept and embrace the five accountabilities, you encourage accountability in others and empower your teams to achieve at the highest level. The result is an organization focused on its fundamental values and committed, at the individual level, to achieving critical strategic goals.

Whether you’re a business owner, a top executive, or a team leader, accountability starts with you and trickles down to everyone else. If you want to build an organization that achieves its goals and beats the competition, it’s time for No More Excuses.

Sam Silverstein’s unique approach to this strategically vital  issue is required reading. -Peter Aceto, President & CEO ING DIRECT Canada

Five Accountabilities

Become a highly accountable person. Implement the Five Accountabilities in your own life, and share the message with others. Then, share your stories about building a culture of accountability within your own family, in the workplace, and in the larger world.

If you’re willing to become part of our movement—and by this point, I hope you are—you can begin the job of building a more accountable world by building a more accountable you. That means practicing and implementing what you will learn in this book about right things, new space, managing the process, establishing expectations, and contributing to relationships. It means reaching the point in your life where you can say, “No More Excuses! I’m not going to make excuses, and I’m not going to buy excuses, and I want the world to know that.”

When I look at the Five Accountabilities, I think these are probably the key drivers that
allow people to make and fulfill commitments. -George Tamke, Chairman of The Hertz Corporation

Spread The Word

It also means spreading the word about accountability by your own consistent example and by direct invitation. No matter what you may have been through in your life, you can always expand your own Accountability Zone, and you can inspire others to do the same. You can practice the Five Accountabilities in your own life, and you can talk about the accountabilities regularly with the people you meet. You can also share this book. Most of the people I interviewed about the Five Accountabilities were eager to see the finished book so that they could share it with other people in their life; it’s likely that you, too, know someone who would benefit by reading about these principles.

Spread the word. Always begin with yourself. If you wish to change the culture of your family, your department, or the larger world, you will find, as I have, that a Culture of Accountability always begins with personal choices and that accountable relationships always involve individuals, not organizations.

I view No More Excuses as an important guide for individuals and corporations who want to harness the power of accountability to achieve their goals. -Stan Nowak, CEO & Co-Founder, Silverlink Communications, Inc.